Birthday Shenanigans…

Well, its been a few weeks since my last post, I apologize, I have been busy, busy, busy…
My little girl turned 1!
Do you see that cutie stuffing her face full of coloured sugar? That’s my big girl!

Stuffing Her Face

And of course she started walking the day before her birthday, so as not to disappoint Daddy, who months earlier had proclaimed she’d be walking before she was one. This might have had something to do with the fact that she’d started moving the furniture around… Well, just the small stuff of course.

It was a great day, just a small party with my family, the BF’s little sister and her kid, our friends with their slightly younger baby, and my little sisters friend who is kinda part of the furniture in our family.

Usually, my munchkin doesn’t enjoy having many people around. Visitors would ask for cuddles but quickly pass back when she’d inevitably start crying on them and trying to wriggle free.

But, today, she was fine with everyone. Strutting around like she owned the place, munching on a slice of red capsicum with dip all over her face, smiling at anyone and everyone, babbling away and having a great time. Might have had something to do with everyone giving her presents perhaps…

Oh, but did she get spoilt! New clothes, new bedroom pretties, and TOYS! Everything all lit up with musical buttons, the kind that drive most parents crazy. Taking up valuable space in my tiny unit.

And then there was the new swing! Oh, but that swing was the best thing that has ever happened to the munchkin. You’d think that angels came down and sprinkled rainbow skittles all over it, the way she beamed when she swung back and forth, higher and higher, the biggest smile on her face.

She started sooking when we took her out of it. Utterly distressed and despondent that you’d think those same angels just spat donkey poo at her, and then stole her dummy!

After everyone left it took an hour of pram walking and cuddling and even a boob to get her to nap, but better late then never. Overtired babies are a cruel trick for sure.

My and the boyfriend fell down, flat on the rug at the end of it, him landing in what we thought was part of a pie, grateful for the quiet, the generosity of our families and friends, the year we had survived and stayed together (although there’s been some close calls), we had a beautiful, healthy little girl who was growing up and becoming more and more fun, and more her own little person.

Money can’t buy that.




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