Out in the garden..

Wandering around the garden, minding it’s own business, was a little, black, slater. This little slater happened to have the most terrifying adventure today. Because it just so happened to live in a munchkins back yard. And today, the big and scary munchkin was playing in the grass while her mummy hung out the washing.
The little black slater was curious, it had never seen a munchkin before. Certainly not this close.
In fact, much too close. The munchkin was so big and quite frightening.
The little black slater started to make his retreat, but it was too late, the munchkin had spotted him. She reached down and with her clumsy fingers, tried to pick up the little black slater.
But slaters can roll themselves up into little balls, which make it tricky for fumbling fingers to pick up.
The slater was terrified. Would he ever see his little slater family again? He could never make amends with his brother. Never tell that cute slater about his crush.
The munchkin kept trying to pick up the little black ball of a slater, getting more intrigued the harder he became to catch.
Finally, the munchkin managed to pick him up in-between her thumb and index finger, she had succeeded. Her reward would be to taste this strange, little, ball-like item.
The slater prayed to his little slater god, then he bade farewell to the world.
When an even taller creature stepped in and took the little slater out of the munchkins hands just before it was crushed between her four little teeth.
The munchkin protested at her mummy, but it was too late. The mummy had taken the little black ball of a slater and put it back in the garden, out of reach.
Thus the little black slater was saved, and he went along with the rest of his day, learning to never get too close to a munchkin again.


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