The things you’re missing…

Dear Nana,

Scarlett started walking last night. Shaye and I sat on the floor with her and helped her a little, but there was quite a few steps taken where she didn’t need any help balancing while she did so. Her record was three steps in a row before she lunged in for a cuddle. It was amazing.
I see your face in hers sometimes. The way she sets her mouth reminds me of you.
When she’s sitting quietly, you can see the cogs ticking in her head as she’s trying to figure out how she can get into mischief.
I wonder if she’ll get your temper, you were so polite and sweet, until your footy team was losing. My, but you could shame a sailor!
I wish you both had met more than the once, that you could have held her just for a moment. That I could have gotten a picture of the two of you. But you were so broken and could barely move, let alone hold a 7 week old baby.
We could all see you were in so much pain. We knew you were done.
I remember so many times, and I’m glad for the time we did get.
I just wish my daughter could have known you.
I’ll always love you Nana. Happy birthday…



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