Two little blue lines..

“I can’t be pregnant” I thought, as I stared at those two little blue lines that practically jumped off the pee stick to slap me in the face.
But there it was. The truth I had internally been denying for a few weeks. Little did I know at the time, I was 13 weeks along. I had missed the entire first trimester!
I also wrongly assumed that every woman went through morning sickness. If I wasn’t throwing up, it must be something else. Right?
Wrong. Word to the wise, don’t watch pregnancy movies, they’re all a crock of French words!

I had tried for over 5 years with my ex fiancé, and never even a hint, not once.
It really wasn’t a great time if I had to be honest. I was living with my parents again, I had only just started seeing this really great guy, (who we now call Daddy) and I had plans to travel abroad after the summer rush at work. I had never travelled anywhere more then an hour from my home-town before, so I was really looking forward to it.

It wasn’t all bleak. After all, I did want kids. I just didn’t think it was very likely. I had kinda given up on the idea of them, I would tell myself that it wasn’t for me.

Two, little blue lines…

I spent the rest of the day freaking out on the inside, waiting to talk to my boyfriend, telling myself that I’d be just fine if he walked away. Surprisingly, he had already guessed. “Babies are never a bad thing, my dear” he told me. And he was right. The bugger usually is. I hate that!

Then there was all the ‘joys’ of pregnancy, no alcohol, limited caffeine, no soft cheeses (cue the Triple Cream Brie craving), I also had to quit smoking. Which I was successful in. Around a week after I found out, I had finished the last pack I owned, and didn’t buy another. Man, that sucked! Almost as much as cutting back on coffee. which was harder, as barista was one of my job titles. And boy, did I love whipping myself up a quick macchiato at a moments notice.

And when I went in for what i thought was my 12 week scan, they told me I was measuring 5 weeks ahead. My mind flashed to this giant baby tearing it’s way out my vagina, after all, her daddy was over 6ft while I barely grazed 5ft.

Two little blue lines…

I kept working until I got too fat to reach over the bar. Afterwards, there was the mad rush to find a new place to live. I spent almost every waking hour, trawling the real estate apps from my phone, hunting down anything suitable, even half suitable. Hell, a roof and a bucket would have sufficed.

It wasn’t the easiest job, after all, one wage down, no rental reference’s between us for years, me waddling around at the viewings with my mother in tow, I even looked at a place with stairs! Not that I had any chance of making it up them by that point. Oh the ‘joys’ of being nine months pregnant…

But, we got lucky, and while the house has its, I’m going to say ‘quirks’, the agency we deal with, have been very pleasant to deal with. And if anyone has ever rented a property in Australia before, they might know that most agencies can be absolute and utter nightmares! And me and BF were finally living together! Alone!

Well, for about a week and a half at least.

That October, I gave birth to my beautiful little girl, and our small little family was born.

Two little blue lines…


4 thoughts on “Two little blue lines..

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you might be like me and this beautiful baby will give you such a new and powerful sense of purpose and drive in life, having my first son was the best thing that ever happened to me… i dont regret it for a second! All the best to the three of you 😀


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