About me

I am not the sort of person you envy. Or the person you look up to. You don’t try to emulate my manicure or my style. You may not even be sure I have one. Unless holey, oversized T-shirts and tracky dacks are your thing. To be honest, I couldn’t fit into anything nice now anyway. And I’m pretty sure my nail file was chewed up by four and a half little teeth.
You don’t scroll through your Facebook feed to see one of my posts and hate your imperfect life a little bit more. I imagine your more then likely to scroll right past most.
And if you hung out with me, you’d get a few laughs, but maybe a bit more honesty then you’d like.
Don’t try on dresses with me, you won’t leave the store with anything new or shiny. I’m crap for the economy. Great for your savings though.
I’m am almost always found with a coffee as I can’t function without it. And if that’s mysteriously missing, it’s because I have wine instead. Cheap, sweet, $4 a bottle, wine.
No, no I’m afraid I am not the blogger to follow if your after a way to make your life shiny and bright and perfect. Better look at Pinterest for that. While your there, look up rainbow cupcakes, it’ll change your world.

I’m in my late 20’s, unmarried, although I live with my boyfriend and our non-stop, crazy/beautiful baby girl, that we’ve nicknamed The Munchkin. We’re constantly broke. We live in a teeny, tiny unit with no bathtub, no dishwasher, and only one bathroom and one toilet. We fight, we make up, we fall down in a heap of exhaustion at the end of the day, we muck up, but only once have we almost burnt the whole (rented) house down.
There’s enough space for our small family, but just a handful of guests can make it feel like squeezing your way through a mosh pit. All of our furniture is second or third hand. And almost every piece has crumby hand prints on it from a run-away munchkin.
I don’t claim to have the perfect life, but it’s mine, and I love it (most of the time). It’s still quite new to me, and it’s been a very steep learning curve. There’s been many tears, much frustration, and right now, there is three loads of washing hanging out on the line, and it is pouring rain! That counts as a rinse cycle too right?

I’m really only writing for myself. I’ve spent most of the last year baby wrangling and I need an outlet. And since it’s 2014, and I can’t ride a unicycle or juggle fruit any more, a blog it is. That’s what all the kids are doing these days after all.
If I gain some followers, great. It’ll give me a sense of accomplishment. If not, I’ll say “oh well” and secretly cry into my pillow about it.


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